Best Over Bed Tables For Your Home (Reviews And Buyer’s Guide 2023)

Breakfast in bed, anyone? Prefer to work at home today, under the covers? Or, perhaps life circumstances have affected your mobility, requiring you to spend more time in bed. An over bed table can be your solution to productivity, comfort, and convenience!

In this guide, you’ll learn how an over bed table can help you, how to go about choosing one and conclude with the best over bed table reviews on the market today.

What Are Over Bed Tables?

An over bed table is a portable surface that slides over your bed so that you can do fun or necessary things — like watching a movie, working from home, or eating a meal — from the comfort of your bed. The table is elevated high enough so that it fits over your bed and gives you some leg room as well.

Over bed tables are typically mounted on a metal frame that rolls on casters. The frame is crafted in such a way so that its base rolls either under or beside the bed and the table surface slides right up to where it’s most comfortable and convenient for you. Many over bed tables are also versatile enough to be adjusted for use while sitting on a sofa or chair (source).

What Are the Benefits of Using Over Bed Tables?

Over bed tables are especially useful for anyone experiencing a period of immobility, whether from an injury, pregnancy, physical disability, age-related health condition, recovery from surgery, or other circumstance that makes getting around difficult (source).

They’re also helpful for people who prefer to get certain things done in the comfort and convenience of their own bed. You can use an over bed table to:

  • Read a book or the newspaper
  • Watch a movie on your laptop
  • Video chat with friends or family
  • Eat a meal or snack
  • Work from home
  • Check emails and social media
  • Work on a needlepoint or embroidery project
  • Paint a picture or other craft
  • Play a board game with your partner or children
  • Pay bills and other bookkeeping
  • Any other activity where a flat, sturdy surface is helpful while laying or sitting in bed

There are also specific benefits to having an over bed table:

Mobile – Over bed tables are mobile, so they can roll into different positions around your bed as well as roll from room to room if you wish.

Freestanding – Instead of resting on your bed, over bed tables are freestanding, offering you more freedom of movement and less likelihood of items getting knocked over in comparison to bed trays.

Comfortable – Some over bed tables have a tilting feature that allows you to adjust your book, magazine, laptop, or other items to be at an optimal viewing angle.

Convenient – The rolling casters and swivel features of over bed tables allow you to easily push them out of the way without disturbing the items placed on top when you want to get out of bed or when you aren’t in need of the table.

Best Swivel Over Bed Table

How to Choose Over Bed Tables

As you shop around for an over bed table, you’ll discover a variety of sizes, styles, and features to choose from. The perfect over bed table for you depends on your wants and needs. Here are some features to consider:


Over bed tables typically adjust to shorter or taller heights. Consider the height of your bed and how much room you’ll want to comfortably lay beneath the surface of the table. Afterward, compare this figure to the range of adjustable heights given in the product description.

Also, consider ease of adjustability. Some tables use a slight lift of a lever while others use the turn of a wheel. Still others require you to get out of the bed or have another person help you adjust the height by pushing in spring-loaded pins and moving the table up or down.

Table Surface Area

Do you want lots of space to spread out your work or crafts, or would you prefer a modest surface area to set your cup of tea or plate of spaghetti and meatballs? Compare the length and width of the table surface to your needs.

Also, some over bed tables feature a split surface. One is usually larger to hold your laptop or materials, while the other is narrower for your mouse or beverage. One can tilt while the other remains flat. Consider a table that has a lip along the edge to rest a laptop or keyboard on when tilted.


Consider the construction of your over bed table. Do you need to support a lot of weight or would a lighter build suffice? Compare your needs to the amount of weight it can support. Frames made of heavy-gauge steel are sturdier than those made with aluminum. If the product description doesn’t provide this information, just note that the more a table weighs, the more weight it can usually support.


Most table surfaces have a wood grain finish, and you’ll typically have a choice of lighter or darker shades of brown or other neutrals or colors. You may have a choice of colors for the base as well. Choose what best blends in with your decor or to your personal preferences.


Swivel castors allow for more maneuverability than wheels that move backward and forward only. Larger 4-inch wheels are also sturdier than 2-inch wheels. Look for wheels or casters that have a locking mechanism as well to keep your table stationary when in use. Tables with four lockable wheels are typically sturdier than those with two lockable wheels.


Extra features may make your over bed table more convenient. Some have USB ports and holes for cords to make device use easier. Others have built-in lamps for direct lighting. Still others include storage compartments for writing utensils, papers, books, and so on.

Best Over Bed Table Reviews

Sharper Image Over Bed Table

Made by Sharper Image, this over bed table has a unique 360-degree swivel design that allows the table surface to swivel in any direction while the base remains stationary. This feature makes it easy to push the table away when needed and to place it on either side of the bed for right or left-hand use.

Measuring 42.56 x 17.7 inches, the table surface is larger than most. It tilts up to 50 degrees in both directions and has a bar on each side to rest items on when tilted. The table has a split surface with the smaller side always remaining flat. Underneath this section is a wheel that adjusts the height of the table when turned.

Height adjustment of this over bed table is 30.1 to 45.75-inches tall, and the weight is 42 pounds, which is on the sturdier side. The flat surface can hold up to 100 pounds while the tilted surface can hold up to 60 pounds.

The H-shaped base has five rolling, lockable casters instead of the typical four casters, giving the table even more stability.


  • Solid sturdy construction
  • Table surface swivels 360 degrees
  • Lifetime guarantee free replacement on all parts except table finish


  • Poor assembly instructions

Dline Overbed Table

Unlike most over bed tables, the Dline Overbed Table frame straddles the sides of your bed instead sliding under it. This allows for a larger table surface: 55.1 inches long and 17.7 inches wide. The disadvantage is that the table may be more difficult to move out of the way and it doesn’t fold up or compress for storage.

Also unique to this table is that it’s adjustable by length — from 51 to 82 inches to accommodate a twin to a California king mattress. Height adjusts from 21.6 inches to 33.4 inches.

The Dline is sturdy. It supports 330 pounds and is made of heavy-gauge, chrome-plated welded tubular steel. But note that the sturdiness seems to decrease slightly when adjusted to a king size bed. It also has 4-inch swivel casters for stability, although they don’t seem to move easily on carpets.

You can choose from two table surface colors, either dark grain or light grain. The surface has side and back panels to prevent items from falling off, and each panel has holes to thread cords through. The table tilts by assembling the back of the frame to be higher than the front but it doesn’t easily adjust from tilted to flat.


  • Large surface area
  • Solid sturdy construction
  • Adjusts by length as well as height


  • Wheels don’t move well
  • Doesn’t fold or compress for easy storage

Platinum Health Acrobat Professional Overbed Table

This product is an institutional-quality over bed table, so you can be assured that its heavy-gauge construction is sturdy and stable. The U-shaped base has four casters, two of which lock. The wheels, however, are known to be less durable than the table itself and don’t support higher weights.

The height is adjustable from 23.5 to 38 inches. It has a split table surface, both of which tilt backward and forward to any angle. The larger surface is 23.5 x 15.5 inches, while the smaller surface is 7.75 x 15.5 inches, for total dimensions of 31.5 x 15.5 inches.

The table and frame fold to a compact shape, making it possible to store the table in a 5-inch wide space. The vertical bar, or mast, that holds the table surface can also be adjusted to lean forward, making it easier to use with a chair.

The Platinum Health Acrobat is available in two colors, either white birch or cherry brown.


  • Folds up and stores easily
  • Solid sturdy construction
  • Highly durable
  • Split surface


  • Wheels less sturdy
  • Only one tilting position for the side table

Vaunn Medical Adjustable Overbed Table

This over bed table is typical of those found in hospitals and clinics, with a simply constructed non-tilting/non-swiveling flat table, along with a base that slides under the bed.

The heavy-gauge, chrome-plated welded tubular steel construction of the Vaunn Medical makes it sturdy and durable. That said, the plate holding the table to the mast is small compared to the table size, limiting support to 50 pounds maximum.

The table surface is 30 x 15 inches and isn’t split. Its height adjusts using a spring-loaded locking handle. A light squeeze to the handle lets you move it quickly between 28 to 40 inches high. Note that the table tends to be shaky when bumped, making for spilled beverages. But it has a lip around the edge to prevent items from rolling off.

The base moves on four 4-inch swivel casters, two of which lock and the wheels seem to roll freely on carpeted floors.

One color choice is available for the laminated top: a walnut brown. 


  • Solid sturdy construction
  • Spring-loaded handle for easy height adjustment


  • Doesn’t tilt
  • Tends to be shaky
  • No lock to prevent tray from popping up when moving the table around

Drive Medical Non Tilt Top Overbed Table

Like the Vaunn Medical Table, the Drive Medical over bed table is a simple construction, featuring a flat table and H-shaped base that slides under the bed. It can support up to 40 pounds, making it slightly less sturdy than some of its competitors. It’s not recommended to put too much weight on the far end of the table away from the support mast.

The height of this table adjusts between 28 and 45 inches. It’s raised by a slight upward pressure to the tabletop and lowers by releasing an adjustment handle found at the side of the tabletop.

This handle mechanism is inconsistent with its smoothness and ability to effectively raise and lower the table. It may raise too quickly, causing items to spill off the top and/or get stuck in the highest position. A slight bump from your knee may also cause it to raise spontaneously. Adjusting down is also sometimes difficult.

The tabletop dimensions are 30 x 15 inches. Its textured, laminated surface may reduce the tendency for items to slide off. But note that the edge doesn’t have a lip. You have two colors to choose from, either silver vein or chrome.

Two of the 4 rolling casters are locking, and the wheels themselves are 2 inches. They don’t roll easily on carpets except for very low pile.


  • Wide height adjustment range
  • Easy to lift with lever


  • Doesn’t tilt
  • Height adjustment tends to be faulty
  • Poor assembly instructions


When taking into account overall quality, features, and versatility, we recommend the Sharper Image Over Bed Table as the best of the five over bed tables reviewed.

Its 360-degree swivel feature sets it above the rest for convenience and comfort, and its sturdiness will likely offer years of quality use. In the same regard, its lifetime guarantee on free replacement parts adds to its longevity and economic benefits.

Moreover, the table surface is a generous size for holding more items or giving more surface to complete projects, and its height adjustment allows it to fit over higher beds while still giving enough leg room.

Now Over to You!

What are your thoughts about our choices for the best over bed table? Do you have any questions that we haven’t addressed? Leave your comments below!

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