Best Baby Monitor For Twins (Reviews And Buyer’s Guide 2023)

Looking after one baby is a big responsibility, and caring for two babies at once can be twice the challenge! No doubt, keeping track of busy twins is never an easy job, and the first few months may feel overwhelming at times. Baby monitors for twins provide extra visibility for an added peace of mind.

In this post, we’ll provide some useful tips to help you identify the right baby monitor for you and offer our top picks for the best baby monitor for twins overall.

What Are Baby Monitors for Twins?

Baby monitors are designed to keep an extra eye on your babies’ seemingly endless activity. They have transmitter and receiver units that allow you to see and/or hear your baby from a remote location such as another room in the house, or even next door depending on the monitor’s range.

The transmitter units are placed wherever your babies are, and the receiver is what shows your babies’ activity. Audio monitors transmit sound only, while video monitors allow you to see and hear your babies. There are many different types of baby monitors with varying features and abilities, some of which can be ideal for twins.

Where Will You Use the Baby Monitor?

One of the first things to consider when shopping for baby monitors for twins is location. Whether you have a smaller or larger living space, determining where your babies will spend most of their time out of sight will help you choose which monitor to go with.

Multiple babies may require multiple cameras. When caring for twins, remember that even if your newborns initially share a crib, they will eventually start to occupy their own spaces. Therefore, wide lenses and units that allow for additional cameras are an important factor to consider. These features ensure full visibility for your twins, even when they aren’t next to each other.

It’s also important to consider how far away you’re able to take a monitor while still maintaining a strong signal. Your room may be on the opposite end or on a different floor from the babies’ room, in which case you may feel most comfortable with a baby monitor that can provide the full range most appropriate for that distance.

If you plan to travel with your twins, you may also consider the mobility and durability of your baby monitor. Ask yourself, can it withstand packing and unpacking, and is it easy to set up?

Best Baby Monitor For Two Rooms

What Features Are Important to You?

Many baby monitors are designed specifically with twins or multiples in mind, and knowing the basic features can allow you to select the baby monitor most suited to your personal needs (source):

Range/signal – This refers to how far away your monitor can be from your babies. Many baby monitors are equipped to handle you moving throughout the house without any signal interruptions, allowing you to clearly see and hear your baby at all times.

Sensors – Many monitors feature sensors that detect movement and noise, which are important indicators for active babies. Some monitors are also equipped with room temperature sensors.

Infrared/night vision – Being able to see your twins at night is a major feature for video baby monitors, where visibility is a priority.

Battery life – If you plan to use your baby monitor overnight or away from a source of electricity, the battery life of the unit is something to consider.

How to Choose a Baby Monitor for Twins

Choosing a baby monitor for twins can feel like a daunting task with so many options available; that’s why it’s important to have an idea of what you really want and need. Once you determine where and how your baby monitor will be used, try to answer the following questions:

What type of monitor do I want? Audio or video?

What features do I need? What additional features do I want?

Which baby monitor fulfills all of my requirements?

To give you an idea of some of the most popular options, here are five reviews of the best baby monitors for twins:

Reviews of the Best Baby Monitor For Twins

VTech VM321-2 Video Baby Monitor


This monitor’s wide, 1,000-foot range can accommodate larger or multi-level homes, as well as outdoor use. It uses DECT 6.0 technology for clear, interference-free transmission with an encrypted signal for privacy.

The 2.8″ color LCD screen on the parent monitor boasts a number of display options, with remote zoom, temperature sensor, automatic infrared night vision, 6-level noise detection, two-way communication, and soothing preloaded lullabies.

Customization of features is another highlight of this monitor system. There are English, French or Spanish language display options, a temperature drop alert according to your specifications, multiple camera views and adjustable sound and vibration settings.


Two cameras are included in this system, which is expandable up to four. They can be easily wall mounted, with enough cord length to position anywhere in the room, and come with a management system for storing any excess cord.

Once positioned, you can adjust the camera angles manually and use the parent unit for remote camera movements such as pan, tilt, and zoom. One of the most useful camera features is the split screen, which allows you to view both of your twins at once.

You can also control switching between cameras remotely or set the automatic patrol mode, which will switch between cameras every seven seconds.

Battery Life

The parent unit will last about 8 hours on battery power, which is reasonable compared to other video monitors and allows you to keep your parent monitor unplugged overnight.


The combination of functionality and special features is outstanding, and the quality and versatility of this baby monitor make it unique.


  • Split screen feature
  • Remote camera movement
  • Out of range, low battery and temperature drop alerts
  • Wide range
  • Multiple language options


  • Sound sensitivity wakes the monitor at the lightest noises
  • 2.8″ screen isn’t the largest available

AXVUE E612 Video Baby Monitor


This monitor has an up to 800 ft range with a large 4.3″ diagonal LCD screen. It comes with two adjustable nighttime LED cameras which can expand up to four cameras, and the camera switching setting automatically switches back and forth between cameras.

Two-way communication allows you to talk to your babies remotely from the monitor. The VOX (Video On Crying) function senses noise levels and lets you know when the baby is crying. There’s also a lullaby feature that plays soothing music.


The two cameras included can be adjusted by 180 degrees and have holes for wall mounting and two DC adapters. To get the widest angles, you may need to mount your cameras, which may be a challenge due to the length of the camera cords (about 2 meters).

Because this monitor system allows you to pair up to two additional cameras, you can always place more cameras if you want more room coverage. You can also zoom in, change the color temperature and view your babies at night and in dim settings. Syncing the cameras can be a little tricky, but if you have an issue, deleting and re-pairing the cameras to the receiver should work.

Battery Life

The monitor’s rechargeable battery won’t last overnight, but this may not be a problem if you don’t mind keeping it plugged in. The power saving feature may save you some battery life.


This monitor has good overall functionality and features. It can adapt to multiple additional cameras with a basic range of motion and visibility.


  • Includes VOX (Video On Crying) feature
  • Large display


  • Camera switching function won’t display both babies at once
  • Limited field of view

Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor


For a non-video option, this durable audio monitor offers a dependable connection with a range of up to 900 feet. It has an interactive talk-back feature, room temperature monitor, night light, and plays lullabies. The rechargeable parent unit provides both out of range and low battery alerts. An adjustable night mode can dim the display and vibrate alerts can be set to allow for easier sleeping.


Like the VTech VM321-2, the parent monitor and single baby units use DECT technology to deliver high definition, crystal clear audio without interference from other transmitting electronics.

Data encryption technology also ensures your connection privacy. You can hear the smallest noises, including baby’s breathing, with this monitor. The parent unit uses LED lights and a vibrate option to indicate baby’s noise levels, even when it’s on mute. You can also adjust the noise sensitivity to your own preferences.

Battery Life

Rechargeable batteries can last about 20 hours before having to recharge. You can confidently carry it in and around the house all day. When it does need to recharge, the low battery alert will continue to beep until you dock the unit for recharging.


If you’re looking for an audio-only option, this monitor allows you to hear the tiniest of movements and easily communicate with your babies. However, with twins, an audio monitor makes it more difficult to decipher between babies. There’s also only one transmitter unit, so this will only work in a single room.


  • Clarity of sound
  • Wide and secure range
  • Long battery life


  • No video
  • Not ideal for two babies

Motorola MBP36S Remote Wireless Video Baby Monitor


With a range of up to 590 ft, this monitor may be good for smaller spaces. It has a 3.5″ diagonal high-quality color LED display with night vision and remote camera movement. It also features a temperature monitor, two-way communication, volume control and an “out of range” alert.


This unit comes with one camera and can expand to up to four. One of the most useful features for this unit is the remote camera movement, which allows you to pan back and forth, tilt up and down and zoom in and out all from the parent monitor. The picture and audio quality coming from this camera are pristine, and you’ll be able to clearly see and hear your babies day and night.

Battery Life

This monitor features a low battery alert; the battery life is not very long, about 3.5 hours. After initially charging, the battery life quickly declines to even less than that, making it necessary to keep the unit plugged in. The adapter cord is also pretty fragile and may need to be reinforced to avoid damage.


This monitor’s remote feature makes it stand out by offering high visibility without having to manually adjust the camera. Note, however, that the parent monitor requires constant use of the adapter, which may not be practical for outdoor use.


  • Includes remote zoom, pan, and tilt
  • Strong signal within range
  • Large display


  • Not super durable or portable
  • Compatibility issues and technical bugs
  • Battery loses charge

Summer Baby Pixel Zoom HD Duo 5.0


This video monitor includes a parent and baby device, expandable up to four cameras in total. It has a large 5″ color LCD screen, adjustable zoom, night vision, sound activated LED lights and a range of up to 600 feet. There’s also an auto scan option that rotates camera views every 8 seconds.

These basic features are suitable for keeping an eye on twins, but the lack of extras such as temperature monitor or interactive two-way communication system make this a more modest option among other video monitors.


Up to three additional camera units can be connected, which can be placed throughout the room or in different rooms. The camera angles can be manually adjusted and there’s an option to zoom in and out.

The brightness and volume can be adjusted, and you can switch between cameras using the parent display. When the monitor doesn’t sense movement or noise, it may shut off, which can then be turned back on manually.

Battery Life

This is another video monitor with a short battery life. The parent monitor doesn’t hold a charge throughout the night, and will likely need to be plugged in most of the time. Thus, it may not be the best option for outdoor use.


The large display and multi-camera option make this monitor useful for twins, but the range, clarity, and features of this system don’t stand out.


  • Large display
  • Multiple camera option


  • No two-way talk option
  • Signal loss without notification
  • No tilt/pan
  • Battery loses charge


While all the baby monitors for twins reviewed in this guide are good choices, the VTech VM321-2 Video Baby Monitor with Night Vision and Two Cameras stands out for several reasons:

  • It provides optimal visibility with split screen, remote camera movement, a wide range of reception, and multiple viewing options.
  • It’s durable and reliable with clear audio and video quality and has an impressive reception range.
  • It offers useful, customizable features to complement your needs and preferences.
  • It allows you to control the split screen, remote movement, and temperature alerts to ensure your twins are safe and comfortable.

Ultimately, the fact that this monitor offers so many adjustable special features without sacrificing quality makes it a clear winner.

Now Over to You!

What are your thoughts about our choices for the best baby monitor for twins? Do you have any questions that we haven’t addressed? Leave your comments below!

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