TheraPee Review – Is It The Best Bedwetting Alarm?

No one likes waking up in a cold, wet and smelly bed, much less small children. But unfortunately, the cause of the problem — bedwetting or nocturnal enuresis — affects the majority of kids until the age of five or so (source).

Fortunately, bedwetting alarms can resolve the issue, especially with a quality product like the TheraPee. In this TheraPee review, you’ll discover what makes this system superior to others and whether it’s the right device for you.

TheraPee Review 2023

Summary: The TheraPee is a sophisticated bedwetting alarm system that helps keep kids dry at night by teaching them to change their nocturnal behavior without causing discomfort. Unlike most bedwetting alarms, the TheraPee is free from irritating attachments that might interfere with the setup during sleep.

The device also comes with useful instructional videos and virtual professional coaching to train and encourage you and your child to help overcome the problem. Over time, staying dry becomes like second nature.


  • Boasts a 90 percent success rate
  • Requires no bulky or uncomfortable garments or attachments
  • Detects moisture with high accuracy
  • Includes online software with instructional videos and personalized guidance
  • FDA-registered
  • Comes with money back guarantee


  • Higher-priced than many other bedwetting alarm systems
  • Designed for twin-sized beds, which might not work for larger beds
  • Sensor pad’s strong sensitivity may cause “false alarms” on occasion


Babies naturally pass urine throughout the night but by the time most children reach three or four, they start to gain more control over their bladders. But about 20 percent of children continue to have bedwetting episodes past the age of five due to genetics, slower physical development, an overactive bladder and other factors (source 1 | source 2).

Bedwetting can cause a lot of frustration and embarrassment for all parties involved. The TheraPee is among the best ways to resolve the issue…

As a comprehensive system that can be completely customized according to your child’s needs, the TheraPee can train your child to make a connection between the alarm and sensations associated with bedwetting. Known as reflex conditioning, this method has been in use for almost 20 years with great success (source).

Key Features

The TheraPee comes with the following components:

  • A sensor pad that fits under your child’s bed sheet
  • An alarm
  • A thin, flexible cable to connect the sensor pad to the alarm
  • A full license to access web-based software

Most bedwetting alarms use sensors that attach to the child’s undergarments near the urethra. While this type of design works in theory, it can easily slip out of position when your child kicks, turns over or shifts in his/her sleep. In contrast, the Therapee uses a sensor pad that covers a larger portion of space, allowing your child to toss and wiggle all over the bed without risk of detaching the unit.

Whenever the sensor pad detects moisture, the TheraPee alarm activates. While the alarm is designed to wake your child at the first hint of bedwetting, it’s also loud enough to wake you up if your child happens to sleep through the alarm. This way, you and your child can get to the bathroom in time.

Through the interactive web-based software, you and your child can access instructional videos and special exercises to maximize the benefits of the TheraPee and even receive feedback, recommendations, and rewards from a virtual doctor or therapist. This personalized approach is unique to the TheraPee system and can help increase your child’s chances of success.

Therapee Reviews

Detailed Therapee Review

Quality – 4.5/5

While effective, bedwetting alarms like the TheraPee can take weeks or even months to see results. Thus, a bedwetting alarm needs to be well-made and durable to withstand repetitive use while working through the program. High-quality materials and skilled workmanship make the TheraPee resilient enough to use night after night while training your child.

Moreover, the batteries are long-lasting and easy to replace when needed. Lastly, the alarm is clear sounding but not shrill.

Ease of Use – 4.5/5

A comprehensive system doesn’t have to mean “complicated,” and the TheraPee is anything but that. Unlike other systems where you have to figure out how and/or where to attach the sensor to your child’s garments, the TheraPee works by placing the sensor pad directly on the bed. Once the pad is in place, the alarm just has to be positioned somewhere within reach.

Moreover, the alarm tone and volume are easy to set and reset if your child becomes accustomed to the sound and sleeps through it.

The online software is intuitive and user-friendly and the videos are fun to watch and highly motivating. Exercises are clearly defined and described, and the personal support with the doctor and therapist take the guesswork out of the entire process. The progress charts, which use star rewards, can even hold older kids’ interest as they work towards their goals.

Features – 5/5

Most bedwetting alarm systems only include the alarm. The TheraPee, however, also comes with personalized support and customized tools, which sets it apart from its competitors, including:

  • Excellent online tracking tools to keep your child focused and motivated using virtual progress charts that are fun to fill in with brightly colored stars.
  • Useful doctor’s feedback to impart important information and assistance during significant milestones for your child.
  • Practical video sessions offering detailed instructions, exercise recommendations, and other information to help improve your child’s odds of success.

Additionally, the TheraPee’s innovative bed pad design frees your child from the constraints of sensors attached to his/her body as in other devices. This is especially useful for wiggly kids or kids who find the cords and clips of conventional bedwetting alarms uncomfortable or binding.

Price – 3.5/5

The price of the TheraPee is quite a bit higher than many other systems on the market but it also offers more, especially its unique, constraint-free sensor pad. And when you factor in the support of an experienced doctor and virtual therapist to help you and your child work through the challenges of overcoming enuresis, the price isn’t actually all that steep.

How Does It Compare?

Chummie Premium Bedwetting Alarm

The Chummie is a mid-price range bedwetting system that’s compact and easy to use. Like most bedwetting alarms, the sensor of this device attaches to your child’s undergarments, which connects to an alarm that clips to his/her pajamas.

Chummie offers a free smartphone app providing you and your child access to instructional videos and live support.

Nytone Bedwetting Alarm

The Nytone is an FDA-registered bedwetting alarm that’s both budget and user-friendly. It has a simple undergarment sensor similar to other models but with an alarm that attaches to an armband instead.

The alarm responds to moisture not just with a tone but also flashing lights. An on/off switch makes it easy to quiet the device after an accident.

Malem Ultimate Bedwetting Alarm

The Malem is another bedwetting alarm featuring both light and sound but also adds vibrations to really get your child’s attention, making it perfect for deep sleepers.

The sensor/alarm setup is similar to the Chummie as well as its smartphone app, which comes loaded with instructional videos and support to help you and your child get the most out of the device.

Wet-Stop3 Bedwetting Alarm

The Wet-Stop3 is both an FDA-registered and Health Canada registered bedwetting alarm system that’s both comfortable and affordable.

It includes a wearable sensor that clips to the undergarments and attaches to a clip-on alarm that vibrates and emits tones when in use. Kids stay motivated with a sticker chart and book to help monitor their progress.

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How to Choose the Right Bedwetting Alarm System

If you’re on a budget and just want a basic, no-frills bedwetting alarm system, the Nytone or Wet-Stop3 are probably your best options. While they don’t have a lot of bells and whistles, they do the job fairly well for a fraction of the cost.

If, however, you’re looking for a slightly more advanced system with some extra support in way of instructional videos and apps, then the Chummie or Malem are most likely the best contenders.

Now, if you’ve already been through the wringer, only to feel continually frustrated, discouraged and tired of dealing with your child’s bedwetting problem, AND you’re willing to spend more to get more, then a more comprehensive system like the TheraPee might be the perfect solution for you.

Note: The TheraPee isn’t designed to address bedwetting caused by medical problems such as epileptic seizures, spina bifida, UTIs or psychological trauma. Also, kids who only wet occasionally or seasonally might not benefit from TheraPee as much as kids who wet regularly.


With its technologically advanced sensor and alarm, paired with exercises to help strengthen your child’s bladder sphincter muscles, the TheraPee’s complete behavioral modification system can finally put an end to your child’s bedwetting problem. And when you combine that with its high success rate and money-back guarantee, there’s no doubt the TheraPee can help.

Now Over to You!

What are your thoughts about the TheraPee? Leave your comments below!

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  1. My child is 5 and has been using the therapee system for 3 mo the. This has lead to no progress. The alarm has had many false alarms. It is not customized because the online videos from the doctor are prerecorded to match data responses. The mat is very small so my son misses the mat some nights. It would be nice if they had options for different sizes. Be prepared to change lots of sheets and laundry day becomes every day. It would be awesome to sell disposable covers for the mat that aren’t water proof so that the hard mat isn’t covered by sheets that need to be changed 3 times a night.

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