Best Snoring Spray (Reviews And Buyer’s Guide 2023)

Reviewed by Donna Schwontkowski, DC, MS

Unless you’re a lumberjack working overtime, there’s no reason to be sawing logs all night. But for people who struggle with snoring, the fight is very real. Sometimes, though, a simple snoring solution can make all the difference. In this post, we’ll discuss one such example, snoring sprays, and offer a list of the top five best snoring spray reviews.

Moreover, we’ve also provided a helpful buyer’s guide so you can feel comfortable making a choice as an informed consumer.

How Do Snoring Sprays Work?

Snoring is caused by a host of factors. As such, a snoring spray that works for one reason won’t necessarily work for another. So while it’s important to identify the cause of your snoring, it’s as important to look for a snoring spray that counters your specific problem.

For example, if you know your snoring is due to an overproduction of mucus, then a spray that aims at relaxing your uvula may not be as effective as one designed to reduce mucus production.

Moreover, people with excess mucus should avoid any snoring spray that contains sugars (more about this in the section below).

Another common cause of snoring is a blockage of the soft palate tissues in the glottal airway. Oftentimes, this is due to being overweight but sometimes it comes down to genetics. Regardless, many snoring sprays attempt to tone the soft palate tissues, thereby making them less likely to slip into the glottal airway and vibrate.

A snoring spray can also lubricate the throat and the soft palate tissues specifically. This is supposed to cause a similar effect as the toner but by a completely different principle.

Sprays can also reduce inflammation and since an inflamed airway is a constricted airway, these minor blockages are more likely to cause snoring.

But sometimes it’s not one thing or the other, there might, in fact, be several reasons behind your snoring problem. Fortunately, most snoring sprays aren’t a one trick pony, they address many problems at once. But before buying a spray, make sure to check which snoring-related issue(s) it’s supposed to address and look at its ingredients…

What to Look for In a Snoring Spray

Arguably, the most important factor when deciding on a snoring spray is its ingredients. While most brands now offer organic or homeopathic sprays, many contain a variety of inactive ingredients to be aware of:

Oils – Some snoring sprays contain oils and of these, essential oils are preferred since they’re among the most trusted type of oils for health and wellbeing (source).

Alcohol – While not enough to cause inebriation, many snoring sprays contain trace amounts of alcohol. This shouldn’t be a concern for most people but for those allergic, even trace amounts of alcohol sprayed onto the back of the throat can cause swelling and actually worsen snoring.

Animal by-products – If you’re vegan, animal by-products like dairy or yeast are a no-no for a snoring spray. Likewise, people suffering from celiac’s disease will want to make sure the snoring spray doesn’t contain gluten.

Sugar – There’s no reason to add calories right before bed and snoring sprays that contain sugar do just that. Furthermore, sugars can actually foster the production of mucus which may contribute to your snoring in the first place. Having said that, sugar does give snoring sprays a more pleasant taste so it’s a bit of a trade-off.

Reviews of the Best Snoring Sprays

Professnore Anti Snore Oral Spray

Our top pick for the best snoring spray wasn’t easy. While the Essential Health spray reviewed below is a better product all around, it contains an artificial sweetener which doesn’t conform to the “all-natural” trend we prefer to see. As such, the Professnore Anti Snore Oral Spray wins by disqualification.

Still, that’s not to say the Professnore is bad (far from it!), it’s just somewhat limited. If your primary reason for using a snoring spray is to lubricate your soft palate tissues, this product can help, but that’s about all it does. While it may not solve everyone’s snoring problem, it’ll probably make at least some difference.


  • Uses an extension to help concentrate the spray in the back of the throat
  • Primarily works through lubrication, which can help most people


  • Only provides 1.69 ounces of spray
  • Best for lubricating soft palate tissues and not other snoring-related issues

Essential Health Stop Snoring Throat Spray

This product came close to being our number one pick. But by including sucralose as an artificial sweetener to provide a more pleasant flavor, it lost out.

But offering two generous ounces of spray for the cheapest price on our list, the Essential Health Stop Snoring Throat Spray may a better solution so long as mucus overproduction isn’t the primary cause of your snoring problem.

The spray is a blend of essential oils designed to both lubricate and tone the soft palate tissues — a two-pronged approach aimed to tackle the most common causes of snoring. But the sweetener may increase mucus production, undercutting its effectiveness for some people.


  • Addresses two causes of snoring by lubricating and toning the soft palate tissues
  • Provides 2 ounces of spray


  • Can be washed away by drinking after application
  • Artificial sweetener may increase mucus production in some people

Bell Stop Snoring Spray

Bell Stop is another snoring spray that uses mild, yet clinically demonstrated, essential oils to help ease snoring. As such, its ingredients don’t contain any products which may interfere with dietary restrictions, nor will it produce mucus from added sugars like the Essential Health brand might.

But for almost the same formula, Bell Stop is costlier than any other spray on our list. Moreover, at 0.3 ounces, it’s the smallest amount per container compared to other products. Still, its solid ingredients may help improve your respiration and ease snoring, so the extra cost might be worth it.


  • Uses 10 all-natural essential oils
  • All natural ingredients; Doesn’t contain sugar, gluten, yeast, alcohol, or dairy products


  • Provides the least amount of spray at only 0.3 ounces
  • Most expensive product on our list

Snorestop Extinguisher Throat Spray

Snorestop Extinguisher is a decent product but it’s mostly for reducing mucus overproduction and inflammation. While these issues may contribute to snoring, they’re often secondary factors that a change of diet alone might resolve. Also, Snorestop only provides 0.6 ounces per spray, the second least amount on our list.

On the flipside, this is the only product that goes the extra mile in terms of regulation and certification to prove legitimacy. First, it’s regulated by the FDA homeopathic medicine division and second, it received an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.


  • Regulated and certified (FDA for homeopathic medicine; A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau)
  • Patented formula with 79.5% effectiveness (according to sleep and breathing medical journal)


  • Only works on mucus overproduction and inflammation
  • Only 0.6-ounce container (second smallest on our list)

Zz Snore – Snoring Solution

Our final product is Dr. King’s brand. Like most products on our list, this spray doesn’t contain ingredients which conflict with dietary restrictions or contribute to problems that could worsen snoring.

But many customers find the product a bit of a crapshoot as it only works half the time. Moreover, it comes with a disclaimer warning that the product label might contain different information than what’s presented on various online stores, raising questions about its authenticity.


  • Doesn’t contain sugar, gluten, yeast, alcohol, or dairy products
  • Provides 2 ounces of spray


  • Reportedly only works half the time
  • Includes disclaimer about package differences which may indicate fraudulent copies

What Is the Best Snoring Spray for You?

As our snoring spray reviews make clear, there’s no “cure all” spray perfect for everyone’s needs. With this in mind, the Professnore Anti Snore Oral Spray comes closest. While it doesn’t address the cause of every snoring condition, its lubricating effect alone will generally lessen snoring (if it doesn’t solve it outright). If mucus overproduction isn’t an issue, try the Essential Health Stop Snoring Throat Sprayinstead since it both lubricates and tones.

Now Over to You!

What are your thoughts about snoring sprays? Leave your comments below!

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