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Where Do You Go When You Go To Sleep?

This is a pretty interesting discussion between several sleep experts on the topic of sleep research. I think the girl in the beginning of the video does a good job summing up the talk with this concise comment: “When you’re asleep, you’re pretty much awake but you don’t know it.” Also, if you were ever […]

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Unboxing A Hibernating Tortoise?!

This video is edge on the seat, nail biting stuff. Okay, not really but it’s still lovely to see. To quote one commenter, “finally, an unboxing video worth watching!” Considering this tortoise has been hibernating for four whole months, he wakes up pretty quickly (not that I’d know anything about that). As you can tell, […]

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Is This Song Guaranteed To Make You Sleep?

Here’s a first… a British band called Marconi Union teamed up with sound therapists to create a track called Weightless, dubbed the “most relaxing tune ever.” So much so, that the team behind the creation strongly advises against driving while listening to it (source). Supposedly, it’s even more relaxing than listening to songs by Enya […]

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Should You Use The Snooze Button?

This short video probably confirms what many of you already know — hitting the snooze button often makes you feel worse than if you had never used it. Why? Well, as this video explains, hitting the snooze button restarts your sleep cycle and can put you into an even deeper sleep pattern than before, making […]

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Lots Of Kittens Sleeping In Hands!

Beware, cuteness overload… 🙂Okay, I admit it, I’m a total sucker for kittens and sleeping kittens are practically too much to take, even for me! Their big eyes, small heads, and small noses do it to me every time. Did you know there’s a whole science behind cuteness? Apparently, cuteness is evolution’s way of turning us […]

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Do Hummingbirds Snore?

While it sounds like fireworks being shot off in the distance (minus the explosion), what you’re hearing is actually a sleeping hummingbird. But no, she’s probably not snoring, more likely she’s emitting distress noises. Let’s hope everything turned out okay!

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